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Design, materials and absolute quality.

Workmanship, unmatched quality, innovative and functional design have always left their mark on Riva yachts. With attention to structural details, every boat between 27 and 115 feet is given a personality attached to its name. More than ever, the Riva is an elegant and timeless beauty on the water, with cutting-edge design and performance. All of Riva's unique features stem from the strong link between design and tradition. None of his accomplishments would have been possible without the knowledge and experience of people with skills in boatbuilding from generation to generation. Today, Riva's models stand out with their elegant and basic lines, with their elegant designs and unique styles. This perfect combination of elegance and innovation is a reference point in the history of international boat design. Young boat builder Pietro, the spirit of Riva is still alive. Riva still builds boats that no one can do. Officina Italiana Design is the design studio where the unique style of Riva yachts is entrusted exclusively for both interior and exterior spaces, marking new stages of international nautical design.

With the acquisition of Riva by Ferretti Group, a new period of growth began in May 2000, but also a new era rich in opportunities for Officina Italiana Design. They represent a relevant part of the shipyard's historical memory and recent tradition. Officina Italiana Design signed all projects currently being produced. In Micheli's words: "We are not just keen on flashy yachts and 'flashy' yachts. We also do not fall for the troublesome connotations that have an obvious effect. We love a classic, basic, clean design style where the keyword is 'removed'. It is to reach the essence of a unique, indisputable style in which it meets and develops harmoniously with tradition. "

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